🚀 Makers Fellowship Applications are OPEN

You should apply if:

  • You're younger than 24 years old: our focus is to impact young leaders, just out of university!
  • You're from Latin American origins. Even if you are not living in LatAm.
  • You need an internship starting in December and January 2023.

We are looking for high-performing and ambitious people who want to achieve great things.

Makers Fellowship is an exclusive and competitive program for ambitious top performers who are ready to catalyze their careers.

  • 🖥 Internship: you will receive an internship with a partner startup (including Rappi, Frubana, Ontop, Morado, Trii, KillB, and many more).
    • 🛠 Training: you will participate in our extracurricular training program to help young talents to learn critical skills in the startup world.
    • 💜 Community: you will access a lifelong community with young talents and entrepreneurs. The community will support your career journey.

    We will ensure an amazing and challenging environment for you to grow your career! If you are ready to learn as much as possible in the least amount of time, this program is for you!

    Check out our website for more information: https://docsend.com/view/7hbyc...